Ohio Knife and Skeleton Hands Release Split Vinyl Single On 8/8 At Fountain Square


Ohio Knife, Skeleton Hands
Fountain Square, 520 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH
Free, 7pm

Ohio Knife
Named for a now-defunct company and the band’s own gut-punching sounds, Ohio Knife made their debut in 2012 with the four-song EP “Ohio Knife is OK!,” picked up by Detroit label Fountain Records. Its founding members are veterans of the Cincinnati music scene: Among other projects, Snell formerly fronted Readymaid and the Chocolate Horse, both of which also featured Andrew Higley on keys and drummer Joe Suer.  Listen to three new songs – “I Wish I Knew,” “Be The Dark” and “Weird Weather Patterns” – at Ohio-Knife.com 

Skeleton Hands
As the moon shown down into the deep, cavernous landscape so did Skeleton Hands; when two pioneers of the outer reaches came together to conquer the dark and the light. Skeleton Hands is comprised of only two, Lazer Bat, master of rhythm, atmosphere, and words; and Astro Wolf, an axe-wielding, melodic beast of prey who gets his powers from the moon. However, together they concoct a sound reminiscent of both the pioneers of electronic music as well as the post-punk movement all with a joyful darkness that rumbles the floor and circles the atmosphere. Check them out at SkeletonHands.net