Magic Nutrition Announces the “Make Life Magical” Concert at the Madison Theater On 12/6

Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas

Magic Nutrition, a proud entity of the Mackinder Group of Companies, is pleased to announce the “Make Life Magical Concert” – “Music to Inspire Change” – to be held at the Madison Theater located at 730 Madison Avenue in Covington, KY on December 6, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.

The Lineup will feature:
 Jesse Thomas the homegrown Kentuckian Red Parade Music Group recording artist who will be concluding her national tour in Covington;

 Pete Dressman and the Sun who will perform the debut of his self-penned tuned Magic Nutrition tune “Share The World;”

 Lemon Sky a heavy psychedelic rock band consisting of Aaron Madrigal, Steve Korfhagen, Eric Cronstein and Eric Keyes; and,

 Heavy Sole hailing from Columbus, Ohio Heavy Sole is an American twosome filling up the musical spectrum as minimalists and breaking the current mold of the “modern duo.”

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Sunrise Children’s Services Sunrise is a home for children who have been abused and neglected — children whose lives have been scarred by unspeakable physical, sexual, and emotional abuse — and who have been removed from their homes.

“We are excited to help out Sunrise Children’s Services while celebrating the launch of Magic Nutrition and our new MagicMind™ Focus Enhancer” Stated Alan Mackinder, President and CEO of Magic Nutrition. Magic Nutrition is a new and exciting company establishing its roots in Northern Kentucky area producing innovative health and wellness products that are quite amazing. “The concert symbolizes how our newest MagicMind™ Focus Enhancing Beverage can help relax the mind and create self awareness through increased focus and inspiration such as music and art. The music starts heavy and concludes with calmness reflecting the vison and products of Magic Nutrition. Our new theme song “Share the World” by Pete Dressman so appropriately connects the world to Magic Nutrition.”

Magic Nutrition is a Health and Wellness Company that specializes in bringing the mind and the body together through great tasting, nutritious foods and beverages. Magic Nutrition’s products support mental health and overall wellness. The new MagicMind™ focus-enhancing beverage is designed to work with Magic Nutrition’s protein shakes, BC’s Magic Powder and the vegan brand Yip•pea!