Andy Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) To Release Debut Solo Album “Fluff” March 24 – SPIN Debuts New Video



Andy Gabbard
Andy Gabbard

Brimming with creativity, Fluff by Andy Gabbard, his debut release as a solo artist on Alive Naturalsound Records, isn’t moving beyond what Andy has done, or will continue to do with Buffalo Killers. Sometimes, ultimately, you find yourself with extra moments and more ideas than one band can develop. So naturally, it made perfect sense to give that inward creative need an outlet. Fluff is the end result.

Cut in one 12-hour studio session, Andy took on the full responsibility of doing a solo album literally. He played every instrument and wrote everything you hear. Reviving an established relationship with Alive Records, on Fluff you can hear the deeply-solid effects of the grunge genre and mid-’90s ‘alternative music’ in a sonic gestalt. Exhibiting characteristics of fairly recent genres, as well as some classics that surrounded him during his youth, Fluff breaks barriers of seemingly comfortable, unthreatening music cultivating a physical embodiment of Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, latter Beatles and even Brian Wilson!

Fluff defines Andy’s environment, a creative environment… an environment of ultra-dimensional levels. The days of solo albums being released due to further ‘artistic development’ past a bands catalog of hits, are over. Buffalo Killers continue their successful run and now, it’s not running alone. Fluff is the start of something great and fathers the true sonic beauty and the relative nature of one single person and their soundtrack of nearly unending smiles in a sea of tumultuous frowns. – Shawn Abnoxious

Andy Gabbard’s Fluff will be available March 24th, 2015 on CD, digital and limited edition colored vinyl through Alive Naturalsound Records. 

 01 Fluff
02 Side B
03 Home Suite
04 Supernational
05 Everything She Does
06 Octoman
07 Lonely Girl
09 More
10 Look Not Sound
11 Dreams
12 DDS
March 6 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH
March 7 – Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH
March 13 – MOTR Pub – Cincinnati, OH
March 14 – Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH
March 20 – Peach’s – Yellow Springs, OH
March 21 – Used Kids Records – Columbus, OH
(more dates to be announced soon)
Feb. 20 – Dunn Dunn Fest @ Subterranean – Chicago, IL
Feb. 27 – Adelphia Music Hall @ The Galley – Marietta, OH
Feb. 28 – Aldo’s Lounge – Altoona, PA