Robert Banta Performing A Free Show with Alone at 3AM at The Southgate House Revival On 4/1

Robert Banta
Robert Banta

Robert Banta, Alone at 3AM
Southgate House Revival, 111 E 6th St, Newport, KY
Free, 21+, 8pm show

Kentucky native Robert Banta left the farm for Austin, TX in 2005 with big dreams of playing the Armadillo World Headquarters. Unfortunately, the legendary venue actually closed two years before Banta was born. Undeterred, the young firebrand was soon getting thrown out of the hottest clubs in town including The Black Cat, Ego’s Lounge, The Backroom, Headhunter’s, Momo’s, Trophy’s and a lot of other dumps he can’t remember at the moment. Banta found his voice the hard way in hardcore honky tonks and dingy dive bars, singing love songs for losers and rock ‘n’ roll for the rock ‘n’ rollers. Flash forward to whatever year it is now and Banta is still more or less at it, writing and performing his own weird brand of backwoods power pop and trying not to take any of it too seriously. He’s a Gemini and not looking for anything long term.