Bobby Bare Jr Coming Back To MOTR Pub on 7/3

Bobby Bare Jr
Bobby Bare Jr

photo credit: Joshua Black Wilkins

Bobby Bare Jr
July 3, 2015
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St, Cincinnati, OH
21+, FREE,

Bobby Bare, Jr. could’ve phoned in a career. He could’ve exploited the fact that he’s the son of iconic Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare, was born into Nashville’s Music Row elite, and counted artists like Shel Silverstein as close family friends and George Jones and Tammy Wynette as next door neighbors. Instead, Bobby blazed a path of unique songwriting craftsmanship with a voice that blows through you like an unyielding wind on the desolate prairie.Undefeated is BBJ’s first release since 2010 – and first back with Bloodshot since 2006’s The Longest Meow – and what he calls his “break-up record,” but the whole of it is much more involved: this isn’t escapism; it’s an emotional survival guide. Undefeated is ten songs of reality checks, clever wordplay, and daring arrangements, the aural companion to that buddy who pulls up a bar stool next to yours to help soak away your sorrows.
Like a bespectacled, curly haired prizefighter whose opponent is on the ropes, Bobby goes at each release as if it might be his last round, focused, and full of energy and purpose. Undefeated is no different. The song list is a war chest of formidable uppercuts (e.g. distorted pop rock gems “North of Alabama By Mornin’” and “Don’t Stand At the Stove”), eye-splitting right jabs (open and orchestral “Don’t Wanna Know” and “The Elegant Imposter”), and sneaky left hooks (the crescendoing “As Forever Became Never Again”).

In addition to the album, William Miller and Reelhouse created a documentary about Bobby entitled “Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost).” The film is available on DVD and on some digital streaming services. You can also watch the trailer here: