Lucas Jack Tours The Midwest – Stanley’s Pub On 8/26

Lucas Jack
Lucas Jack

Singer, songwriter, and upright piano rocker Lucas Jack (Austin, Texas) is touring the Midwest with his band to promote his debut full-length album Before I Forget, tackling complicated topics with the precision and poignancy of Dawes and The Hold Steady, while incorporating the tone, passion, and pop sensibility of Ben Folds and Billy Joel. With his powerful tenor voice, Lucas Jack examines the complexities of love, life, frustration and individual triumph. His catchy pop-rock tunes create a sense of nostalgia in listeners, allowing them to access their own emotions and memories through the stories Lucas tells.

Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Lucas Jack describes himself as a “recovering attorney,” in reference to the 5 dismal years he spent as a lawyer battling the liars and scallywags in Chicago before moving to Texas to pursue his true calling as a songwriter and performer. Fortunately, Lucas has managed to convert those experiences into fodder for his own unique brand of songwriting. Despite this being his debut release, Lucas has already shared the stage with legends such as Foreigner, Styx, and Ben Folds!

8/11 Norman, OK (Red Brick Bar) 11pm.
8/12 Little Rock, AR (Juanita’s) 7pm.
8/13 Wichita, KS (Barleycorns) 10pm.
8/15 Kalamazoo, MI (Bell’s Eccentric Café) 8pm.
8/20 Grand Rapids (H.O.M.E. at the B.O.B.) 8pm.
8/21 Indianapolis, IN (Union 50) 10:30pm.
8/22 St Louis (Firebird) 7pm.
8/23 Memphis, TN (Huey’s Germantown) 8pm.
8/26 Cincinnati, OH (Stanley’s Pub) 323 Stanley Ave 9:00pm.
8/27 Milwaukee, WI (Kochanski’s Concertina Bar) 8pm.
8/28 Chicago, IL (Martyrs’) 9pm.
8/29 Des Moines, IA (Lefty’s) 8pm.