MOTR Pub Celebrates New Years Eve with The Skulx and Automagik

The Skulx
The Skulx

Photo by C: Travis Brandner Photography

The Skulx with Automagik
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St, Cincinnati, OH
Free, 21+, 10pm

The Skulx is an affair ten years in the making. A decade of camaraderie, a century of rock & roll influence, and a lifetime of die-hard dedication to the craft. A never ending drive to create, with nothing to prove, nothing to lose.

Written and recorded in a fever of creative energy in the earliest months of 2015, look for The Skulx self-titled debut release later this year.

Cadaver DogsFoxy Shazam. Two bands that although treading similar sounds are still completely different than one another. So it only makes sense for the two bands to get together and create a wholly new entity of sound and mayhem.

That’s where The Skulx come in. Take Foxy Shazam’s trumpeter and back-up vocalist Alex Nauth colliding with Cadaver Dogs’ Mathew Franklin and Lex Vegas and things will get weird. And awesome.

As evident from their first glimpse at their debut record, Do What You Do is a showcase of each bands’ unique sound but all mixed up, slowed down a bit, and carrying a snotty attitude that is inspiringly punk rock. With horns. And melodic vocals. There’s so much to delve into their sound that it’s already a waste of time to pinpoint each and every quality. It’s just over the top fun.”

The 1st Five,

Check out this article in Substream Magazine:


Upon one listen, Automagik sends you on a magikal journey through time and space. This goofy, energetic, shmow pow of music is just what you need to get a-goin’. So pop open a can of caffeinated drink, and open your ears to beautiful hyperactivity. Automagik is now your favorite band. Surrender to the yumminess.

Listen to the entire debut Automagik album here:

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