RIP Ken ‘Big Bamn’ Smith

Ken 'Big Bamn' Smith
Ken ‘Big Bamn’ Smith

Yesterday January 12, 2016 we lost another musician in the Cincinnati music community. Ken ‘Big Bamn’ Smith has passed on resulting from injuries suffered from a car accident on I-75.  Big Bamn has performed with Bootsy Collins, Kelly Richey and currently was the drummer for Freekbass & The Bump Assembly. The following are words about Big Bamn from Freekbass himself:

“My heart and soul are broken today. Yesterday we lost one of the best friends, best drummers , and best souls I have ever known. I am an only child, but Bamn made me feel like I had a real brother that I could share anything with. For anyone that was lucky enough to meet him, everything you saw was 100% genuine. He loved and was full of life more than anyone I know. Please pray for him, his wife and children. He was an inspiration and a very bright light to anyone he touched. I love you man…you will always be with me.”

Below are photos that I have taken of Big Bamn from his time with Kelly Richey and Freekbass.