U.S. Bank Arena Implements New Security Measures

U.S. Bank Arena continues to make patron, performer, and employee security a top priority. The riverfront venue announced today significant upgrades to safety and security measures and policies for all events at the venue beginning with the Blake Shelton concert this Thursday February 18, 2016. These upgrades center around the installation of walk-through metal detectors for all points of entry to the venue. Additionally, large bags and purses will now be limited to 12″ x 12″ x 6″. The new protocols will start at Thursday’s Blake Shelton concert. The installation of these measures follows the lead of many other worldwide venues in an effort to strengthen security measures and create a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons.

“The safety of every person who enters our facility is always priority number one,” said U.S. Bank Arena Vice President and General Manager Kristin Ropp. “We pride ourselves on creating an environment conducive to enjoying oneself and feeling safe. These new measures are the latest in solidifying that position. Feeling safe and secure is a major point of creating a great experience when people visit our arena.”

To ensure that fans are able to gain admission to the arena as quickly as possible, U.S. Bank Arena recommends the following:

• Arrive Early: To prevent a last minute rush that may delay entry, fans are encouraged to arrive as close to the time that doors open as possible. Doors typically open 120 minutes for those shows with a general admission area, 90 minutes prior to concerts and 60 minutes for sporting events and family shows. Fans should consult the event page of www.usbankarena.com to confirm the proper door time for each event

• Do Not Remove Outerwear/Accessories: When approaching the entrance, fans should be prepared to places phones and other items in the tray and unzip all jackets. They can continue to wear hats, belts, shoes, and jewelry as they walk through the metal detectors. Spare change, wallets, and keys do not need to be removed

• Hold Onto Your Ticket: Each person should carry his or her own ticket once passing through the metal detectors, rather than having one person carry tickets for the group

• Remove Prohibited Items From Pockets and Purses: Prior to arriving for the event, guests should leave all prohibited items in their car or home. A list of prohibited items can be found HERE. Please note that purses and bags cannot be larger than 12″ x 12″ x 6″

• Use All Available Doors: Fans should avoid congregating at any particular door unless otherwise instructed

In addition, this marks the first concert with the Streetcar lane restrictions in effect. Patrons should be advised that Second Street’s right lane will be restricted. For more information on the new protocols and policies or any upcoming events, please visit www.usbankarena.com.