Adia Victoria Performing at MOTR Pub On 4/20

Adia Victoria
Adia Victoria

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
MOTR Pub | 1345 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 | (513) 345-7981
FREE, 21+, 10pm

Adia Victoria released her first single, “Stuck In The South” in June of 2014 and the world immediately took notice.  NPR noted that the single “sent ripples throughout the Nashville Music Scene’ but it went further than that with Rolling Stone comparing Adia to “PJ Harvey covering Loretta Lynn at a haunted debutante ball” and going on to say, “Adia Victoria has only officially released one song but she’s already solidified herself as one of country music’s most exciting new stars.”  Following the single Adia released two other singles, “Sea Of Sand” and “Howlin Shame” and the three are available on the Sea Of Sand EP    She has been covered by The Fader, Teen Vogue, Rookie, Rolling Stone, NPR, Garden & Gun and more. American Songwriter summed it up with a feature stating “(Adia Victoria) snuck on the scene not with a whimper, but a bang.”

Adia Victoria spent much of her youth in a part of the South whose majority lived well below the poverty line. The artist is often praised for her stark representations of life in an oft-romanticized bastion of American culture. Like a Faulkner novel, Victoria paints pictures both bleak and beautiful in her songs and offers them up in the live setting with an unparalleled profundity. Her perspective on art and culture won her an invitation to speak at Yale where she appeared on a panel with writer Greill Marcus and musician Jack White.

Growing up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and raised in a strict, Seventh Day Adventist atmosphere, Adia knows about feeling less than whole. But following her inner voice, and creating a new life for herself in New York, Atlanta, and now Nashville (with stints in Paris and Germany) honed a self-assured voice that resists the outside gaze.

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Adia Victoria
Adia Victoria