Nick D’ and The Believers To Be Featured on ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars” – Woodward Theater on 3/29

Nick D’ and The Believers
Nick D’ and The Believers

3/29 Woodward Theater, Cincinnati, OH – more info

The music of local indie-pop trio, Nick D’ and The Believers, was recently selected to be featured on the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) television show, “Pretty Little Liars.” The episode will air March 22, 2016 at 8 p.m. EST.

“It’s exciting to hear our music on national television,” said Nick D’Andrea, frontman and primary songwriter for Nick D’ and The Believers. “We love knowing we can reach fans who may not have heard our music otherwise, and that we can connect with them through stories they enjoy.”

The episode will feature a track from Nick D’ and The Believers’ 2015 EP, “Wanted.” The band’s music has been featured on “Pretty Little Liars” before, as well as other hit television shows like “Chasing Life,” “Benched” and more.

“The music industry is so unpredictable in 2016 and there’s a new kind of creativity involved in gaining exposure,” said D’Andrea. “We’re having fun figuring out how to take advantage of the new opportunities.”

Nick D’ and The Believers travelled to Los Angeles this past February to record a new EP to be released in September 2016. They plan to release the EP’s single “Crown” this spring, and will tour Ohio cities in April to promote. As part of The Crown Tour, Nick D’ and The Believers will play the Woodward Theater in Cincinnati on March 29.