American Songwriter Royal Holland Releases Video for Vol 2 Title Track “Flamingo”

Royal Holland
Royal Holland

Royal Holland is always writing and recording music.  He’s just released his new video “Flamingo” and talks more on his EP concept trilogy Unfolded he independently released during the winter in a feature article on Citizen LA.  He’s pre-production on his next record.  He played drums and few other instruments, sang, mixed, and co-produced local musician Margaret Darling’s debut track titled “Ragnarok” for a collection of songs by local artists who play at Arnold’s Bar & Grill (The Oldest Bar in Cincinnati – Est. 1861).  Arnold’s released Bootleggers & Hustlers – Volume Two, on Record Store Day 2016 with Neltner Small Batch Records.

“Margaret performs live and in the studio with me often.  She’s featured on “Twin Rivers” on Vol1 The Maze and tours with me.”  says Royal.

Songwriter Matt Mooney aka Royal Holland continues to reconstruct a neofolk stage persona recalling Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan making records from Mars in an existentialist Appalachian trailer.  Beck, Father John Misty and Kurt Vile comparisons in music press give more reference.

He self-released the final installment; Vol. 3 Program, on an EP series titled Unfolded on January 15, 2016.  The trilogy features Vol. 3 along with Vol. 1 The Maze and Vol. 2 Flamingo Listen to Unfolded on Soundcloud

Chronologically the EPs fit together.  The Maze asks questions of existence and meaning.  Flamingo attempts to answer them.  Program suggests that we we’re stuck in our bodies and these conditions because our selves are stuck in them, but that restriction can be very freeing if we realize it and capitalize on that truth.  Look for Royal Holland on the road throughout 2016 and on online at all streaming and social destinations.