Daryl Hance Powermuse Performing Live at The Southgate House Revival on 9/2

Daryl Hance
Daryl Hance

Daryl Hance Powermuse
Southgate House Revival (Lounge), 111 E 6th St, Newport, KY
9:30pm show, Free, https://www.facebook.com/events/485070835035934/

With his third full-length album, Wild Blue IrisJacksonville, Florida singer/guitarist Daryl Hance serves up another dusty slab of Southern-flavored psychedelic swampy groove music with enough hearty sides to satisfy most anyone whose appetite consists of pre-1975 or so funk and blues inspired rock and roll music fortified with fuzzy super-fat vintage tones, heaps of bottom-end, and transcendentalsongs high on life, hope, fun, love, and living. 

Hance’s music is delivered live via his band, Daryl Hance Powermuse, a not-to-be-missed high-octane power-packed punch of deeply hypnotic grooves, good times, and songs readily available for everyone to dig in on, and groove out to!

“A musical melange, packed with hypnotic grooves and a vintage edge, with tunes reminiscent of the free love generation of the 1960s and early 1970s, and a fun blend of blues and funk.” – Providence Journal

“Rock and blues with a swampy, psychedelic vibe. Wild Blue Iris boasts old school charm, from early 70’s funk to fuzzed-out vintage guitar playing.” – Star News Online

“Daryl Hance, a native of the upper swamps of Florida, has an innate and undeniable groove, built on deep south drawling guitar grooves  bordering on trance-adelic. His third and finest album Wild Blue Iris, establishes Daryl as the king of the swamp blues” – Devil Down Records