Cincinnati Pop n’ Roll Band Automagik Premieres “The Road” Video at Popmatters


Cincinnati pop n’ roll act Automagik just released the video “The Road,” the title track of their new EP (out now via Old Flame Records).

The video premiered at Popmatters, who said “‘The Road’ grooves hard, putting a seriously killer bassline behind a guitar straight out of Jack White’s kit and just a touch of disco influence. It’s also high-energy, enjoying itself in a way that White would never be caught dead doing. Jangly keys, seemingly mis-mastered vocals, and the gorilla suit inject some levity into a genre whose stoicism can be frustrating. It rocks, but it’s also fun, and it bridges some necessary gaps between snarling guitars and goofy stage presence.”

Watch or embed the video via YouTube:

Formed in 2010, the five piece boasts a fun sound that merges a fun house party with it plenty of edge while encouraging sing along vibes with a pop sensibility. Their goal is simple: to send you on a magikal journey through time and space. This goofy, energetic, shmow pow of music is just what you need to get a-goin’. So pop open a can of caffeinated drink, and open your ears to beautiful hyperactivity.

The followup to Automagik’s Dark Daze EP, The Road EP premiered at IMPOSE, who said “The wild ride begins with ‘The Road’ where a tour de force adventure rides off into the throes of the sun’s blazing rays. The rock goes the way of the The Rocketeer on the flights of fancy that take off with the passionate soaring thrills & chills of ‘Jetpack Girl’, right before the pain and aches collide with the sentiments of abandonment on ‘Stood Up’. The entire event dives off the deep end on ‘Death Beach’ that takes off for an ocean baptismal in a place where the sun never sets.”

Listen or embed the EP via Bandcamp:

2015’s Dark Daze EP was praised by Consequence of Sound, Interview MagazineNoise and more. Automagik also recently played the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, headlined by The Killers, Florence and The Machine, Mudcrutch and more.