Livingdog Performing at The Listing Loon In Northside On 8/25


Listing Loon, 4124 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH
7pm, Free

Livingdog, the moniker of Asheville-based indie folk musician Corey Robert Parlamento, has announced the release of his second full-length album,Childsurvivors, on August 1, 2016. Parlamento recorded Childsurvivors in a converted horse stable in Western North Carolina. The album will be released by Asheville-based record label and artist collective, Eternal Mind Records. The 10-track album combines the personal narrative lyricism of traditional folk music with experimental instrumentation and production, creating an unforgettable and even haunting sound. Livingdog will tour the Southeast in August in support of the new record.

Parlamento began the process of recording Childsurvivors with the intention of laying down tracks in a traditional studio and collaborating with other musicians. After spending time in a studio and a few failed attempts to enlist other musicians — including a high school brass band — Parlamento eventually retreated to his converted horse stable/laundry room in his rented home with an old Casio keyboard. The resulting body of work is as deeply personal and intimate as the recording process. “It was cramped and often either too cold or too hot,” he says,”but it felt really rewarding to shut myself away for hours at a time and kind of live inside the songs.”

In the end, says Parlamento, the recording of Childsurvivors was likely meant to be a solo endeavor. “I realized that I needed a lot more time and room to experiment,” he explains. “I found this cheap old Casio keyboard at a thrift store by my house and became obsessed with the way that the chorus setting sounded on it. I think “Brave” was the first song that I actually recorded for the album and that song kind of paved the way for what my accompaniments were going to be like.”

Listeners will find the instrumentation as intriguing as the subject matter. “I wanted to dig into some topics I had been thinking a lot about at the time: childhood, masculinity, dominance vs. power, family.”  Major musical influences include Antony and the Johnsons, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy, Vic Chesnutt, Jacob Augustine. “Outside of music,” says Parlamento, “I think the desire for me to understand my own masculinity and how it is informed by my past and my present pushed me along a great deal in writing some of these songs.”

Prior to the release of Childsurvivors, Livingdog had recorded one full-length album titled Summer Homes and a concept EP titled Scavenger Angels, an exploration of the relationship between vultures and humans, as well as Parlamento’s relationship with his hometown of South Florida. “Childsurvivors is a great combination of the deeply personal lyricism of Summer Homes and some of the more experimental production of Scavenger Angels,” says Parlamento. With that combination, Childsurvivors is surely Livingdog’s most mature, and compelling album to date.

Livingdog is on tour throughout August. A current list of tour dates are below, with more shows to be announced.

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2016 August Tour Dates for Livingdog

8/15/16 – Atlanta, GA

8/16/16 – The Station – Charlotte, NC

8/17/16 – The Acoustic Coffee House – Johnson City, TN

8/18/16 – Meal Ticket  – Nashville, TN

8/19/16 – The Living Room Series – Louisville, KY

8/20/16 – Richmond, VA

8/21/16  Philadelphia, PA

8/22/16 – The Branded Saloon – Brooklyn, NY

8/25/16 – The Listing Loon – Cincinnati, OH

8/26/16 – The Blue Pearl – St. Louis, MO

8/27/16 – The Lamplighter Lounge- Memphis, TN

8/28/16 –  The Nick – Birmingham, AL

8/29/16 – Flicker Bar – Athens, GA