The Cliftones – Live and Revived Tour 2017, Day 10 – Photos by Joelle Gueguen

The Cliftones
The Cliftones

Photos by Joelle Gueguen –

The Cliftones –

The Cliftones are currently on their way out to California to bring Cincinnati reggae to the masses.  Cincy Groove is very lucky to have photo journalist Joelle Gueguen documenting the tour with her photos.

Departing from California to reach our next host house near Las Vegas, the place of Brian Peace; owner at Wing King Infused and Wing King Shooters Bar & Grill in Las Vegas.  We will  stay in his living room for approximately 2 days. Brian lives with his wife and kids. While at Brian’s place, drummer Tim Hensley will give a quick drums lecture to Brian’s children and we will also be invited to taste some great wings at Wing King Shooters Bar & Grill in Las Vegas.

On day 12th  we took the road towards Utah for the tour ‘s last gig at the Royal in Salt Lake City with a very changing landscape from Nevada, with lots of mountains and snow. The crowd at the Royal is one of the most responsive ones we had  and the great energy is palpable in the venue. This last concert ends the tour greatly! The whole band  is tired but very happy too! The Cliftones will then hit the road straight away after the gig,  to come back to Cincinnati, that will be reached in 2 and a half days of constant driving, taking turns.  Back home then with Brent Olds who is already producing some music post tour.

Approximately 8000 miles have been covered along with 10 concerts in this tour and The Cliftones got such positive feedback that they are already anticipating coming back to California in August this year..