Front Country Performing at MOTR Pub On 7/13 In Support Of “Other Love Songs”

Front Country
Front Country

Front Country
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St, Cincinnati, OH
10pm, 21+, Free

What is Roots Pop music? Out of the San Francisco Bay Area, one band is trying to explore that query. Front Country plays acoustic string instruments but with a sensibility that is far from the back country. During their musical journey, they have merged their acoustic sound with a pop aesthetic, writing and arranging songs that are simultaneously intricate and infectious.

Other Love Songs is Front Country’s Roots Pop opus and promises to be the band’s most intensely creative and original effort yet. The songs are emotional in nature, if not always in subject, and sometimes with a twist, hence the title. This is also the first record relying on lead singer Melody Walker’s songwriting, with 8 of the 12 tracks penned by the lead singer. Two contributions are sophisticated instrumentals composed by mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz. Round out the creative band arrangement style of guitarist Jacob Groopman, bassist Jeremy Darrow, and five-string violinist Leif Karlstrom, and the synergy is electric. The two cover songs on the album are the poignant “Millionaire” by David Olney, and a swampy blues-rock reimagining of the Carter Family’s “Storms Are On The Ocean.”

The collection of original Other Love Songs on the album are “If Something Breaks,” “I Don’t Wanna Die Angry,” “Good Side,” “Undone,” “O Heartbreaker” and “Keep Travelin’.”

“These songs follow the lessons that everyone learns in their own personal evolution toward emotional maturity and vulnerability,” says Melody Walker, “in which all of us learn to break down toxic romantic fairy tales and write our own Other Love Songs that work for real people in the real world.”

It’s no surprise that Front Country’s musical path has taken the form of Other Love Songs all along, finding their own harmony that plays to the strengths of each member, and not worrying about fitting into a mold.

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