DADDY (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack) Coming To Southgate House Revival On 6/15



DADDY (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack)
Southgate House Revival, 111 E 6th St, Newport, KY
8pm show, Buy Tickets

A rock and roll bromance in Nashville has been giving aid and comfort for 25 years to patrons who want not just rock but roll too. Daddy is a juke joint rock and roll band, a Muddy Waters quintet, a jam band for people who like ragtime, and a gospel group. Their third album, the brilliant Let’s Do This!,  attests to all this.

Will Kimbrough is widely notated as one of the best guitarists in Nashville, which means he’s one of the best in the world. Tommy Womack is nowhere to be found on any list of high quality gunslingers; but he’s the greasy rhythm Keith Richards growl to Kimbrough’s soaring Mick Taylor. Kimbrough makes Womack sound more polished and Womack makes Kimbrough sound rougher. They were born to play together. Their band swings too, with the renowned Paul Griffith on drums, Dave Jacques on bass and John Deaderick on keys. Danceable, funny, overflowing with chops and the good sense not to always use them, a Pew study has determined that no one has ever left a Daddy show in a bad mood.

Let’s Do This! was released February 2018 and the band will be playing when they can, busy as all these guys are, it’s like herding cats. Will and Tommy travel often as the Daddy Duo, playing guitars and singing and making people dance without a rhythm section. Look for them in your neck of the woods. We probably won’t play there, but keep your eyes peeled anyway.

“DADDY is Americana at its roots-rocking best – honest music that makes its case with equal parts chops and smiles.” –Billy Altman Los Angeles Daily News

“They believe ­ in no particular order ­ in JESUS, ELVIS, and KEITH…Above all else, they believe in ROCK ‘N’ BY GOD ROLL.”  ­ Rick Cornell, NoDepression