Cave Twins Appearing At Yellow Cab Tavern In Dayton On 4/26 In Support of Peter Mulvey

Cave Twins
Cave Twins

Cave Twins opening for Peter Mulvey
Yellow Cab Tavern, 700 E 4th St, Dayton, OH

With whimsical lyrics and a solid musical grounding in Americana tradition, David Mayfield and Abby Rose are taking advantage of their combined songwriting skills and tight harmonies to propel their new duo group, Cave Twins, into the Indie music spotlight. Each artist has seen success separate from their new pairing — as solo acts, within other groups, and behind the scenes in the producer’s chair. Together Mayfield and Rose complement one another’s musical stylings to create a pleasant, light hearted mix of what some have called “cute little songs and shorter, cuter little songs”.

Their self-produced debut album, Best Friends for Now (releasing March 15), provides an uplifting outlook on the notion of friendship and how adult humans relate while maintaining a focus on endorsing science and a peaceful way of life, two causes which are deeply important to the pair. Cave Twins have been compared to other superb indie Americana duos including Moldy Peaches and the Civil Wars.

Their story, however, runs much deeper than two compatible artists collaborating on a new project. David Mayfield and Abby Rose are identical twin siblings but they didn’t know it until well into their adulthood, with separate musical careers under their belts. But it is not their sordid past or their chilling tale of separation and journey back to one another, however, that sets Rose and Mayfield apart. Their innate ability to harmonize, their functioning as one musical body, and a laser focus on creating well written songs with instrumental integrity is what makes this duo so special.

David Mayfield, a Grammy and Emmy nominated artist and producer, grew up playing bass and touring in his family’s bluegrass band. Establishing himself from a young age as an award-winning picker on guitar and mandolin, Mayfield went on to tour and record with groups such as The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys, and Mumford & Sons. His television and radio credits include The Late Show with David Letterman and The Grand Ole Opry. Abby grew up alone. She turned to songwriting and music as an outlet to feel both heard and understood, attending Kent State University where she participated in local festivals as a solo artist, and later toured extensively with Northeast Ohio supergroup The Speedbumps. When Rose discovered she had a twin brother named David Mayfield the trajectory of her life and career changed, and from their long-lost history the Cave Twins duo was born.

From the title track to the notably innocent “With You,” Rose and Mayfield expertly blend Americana instrumentation with ethereal vocals and positive, lighthearted lyrical themes. What they leave behind as a result is a haunting mix of contentment, newfound security (no doubt born from their own newfound security in one another), and wanderlust. All jokes aside and sordid histories aside, The Cave Twins are a refreshing break-out Americana act.

Best Friends for Now will be available for purchase and streaming March 15, 2019. The duo has planned a corresponding release tour with several confirmed dates throughout the rest of the year. For more information, please visit