Elementz presents COVIsion-19, A virtual community art exhibit


Elementz presents COVIsion-19, a virtual art exhibition addressing the effects of COVID-19 on Cincinnati’s inner-city youth and their families. Through visual and audio works of art, Elementz aims to define and build a more unified neighborhood through the sharing of this community's experience. COVIsion-19 opens Friday, October 2, 2020 at 6 p.m., via Zoom and will live stream on Elementz’s Facebook page.

“It’s important that the community has an outlet to express itself and have a collective body of work that shows them they are not alone, during a time where we are disconnected from one another”, says Asha White, curator of COVIsion-19. “This collection of work is not only important to the community who created it, but to people who are not a part of this community. I want them to see the inequities that have been revealed by COVID reflected in the day to day experience of a lower income neighborhood.”

Asha White, curator of COVIsion-19 is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and worked as a gallery coordinator of the Mohawk Gallery at Robin Imaging. As a Gallery Coordinator she has had the opportunity to curate a number of exhibitions, including Manifestations of Time: The African American Experience, featured in Cincinnati’s City Beat magazine in February 2019. White is also a visual artist in her own right. Most notably, she was commissioned to paint a portion of the Black Lives Matter mural located in front of City Hall in Downtown Cincinnati.

Exhibit Opening Details:
Who: Presented by Elementz, moderated by curator, Asha White along with project participants.
When: Friday, October 2, 2020, at 6 p.m.
Where: Via Zoom and Elementz’s Facebook page
Zoom Details: Meeting ID: 867 2026 9769 Passcode: 044675
Facebook details: https://www.facebook.com/ElementzHipHop.
Website will be available 2hrs before the event. Open at www.covision19.org
COVIsion-19 is funded by a generous grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Elementz, located at 1640 Race St., Cincinnati, OH, is an urban oasis of hope and a catalyst of change for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth. What began to get kids off the streets in 2001 has transformed into a thriving Urban Arts Center that fosters talent, ignites potential and inspires possibilities. Elementz helps build dreams, and brighter futures.