THRIVE Presents Cincinnati’s First Hip-Hop Orchestra On 12/17 In Live Streaming Event


THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra is a symphonic ensemble that combines the electronic rhythms of hip hop with jazz and classical music. The orchestra is organized and co-composed by live beat drummer and beatmaker, Alex “Stallitix” Stallings and violinist, Preston Bell Charles III. This groundbreaking effort is presented by Elementz with additional funding from The David C. Herriman Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation, ArtsWave, The Ohio Arts Council, and The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Alex “Stallitix Stallings is a producer, and live finger drummer and beatmaker, who was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, CA. His music brings together sampled melodies with syncopated rugged percussion. Stalltix is a founding member of the talented emerging hip-hop group, Patterns of Chaos (POC) as well as the Artistic Producer for THRIVE.

Preston Charles III is a solo violinist and collaborator. From his youth, Preston has studied under some of Cincinnati’s most notable violinist’s. His artistry has afforded him the opportunity to travel to Spain to perform before the King of Spain and to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. Preston blends the technology of live looping with the violin to create a new and unique style with an audible taste that is invoking and inspirational. He creates emotional audioscapes that some refer to as simply “spiritual”. His mission is to bring others closer to music as a whole and to aid in their vibrations or experiences. Peston finds great pleasure infusing that which is of old (violin) with that which is new (technology).

Unlike conventional hip hop music, which is mostly electronic, THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra takes the essential spirit of hip hop music and orchestrates it for traditional acoustic instruments, singers, rappers, and deejays. The result is an exciting new sound that stretches the boundaries of musical genres.

This presentation of THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra will be filmed at Cincinnati’s Music Hall and presented virtually on December 17, 2020. Thrive aims for this virtual presentation to be the first of aseries of many performances to continue into 2021.

THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra aims to bring genuine musical experiences to both symphonic and hip hop audiences with unique performances that marry these two genres while maintaining the integrity of each. Forming what may be considered a melting pot of music, the musicians, rappers, and singers that comprise THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra come from wildly diverse musical backgrounds, cultural experiences, artistic tastes, and lifestyles. Their common threads are outstanding musical dexterity and a spirit of curiosity and collaboration. THRIVE’s Hip-Hop Orchestra is unlike many other orchestras in its balance of formally trained musicians and self taught musicians and other improvisers from jazz and contemporary traditions.

“Imagine wanting to do something musically for more than ten years, seeking musicians to work with…then one day you walk into an audition, you get the job and it is everything and everyone you’ve been searching for. We are definitely making history!” Sybil Sinz, Opera Singer

“There’s going to be a time where I look back and crave these moments again. This may or may not be the only time this particular group of diverse incredible musicians works together. Reminding myself to be grateful for this opportunity to set a legacy for Cincinnati and their hip hop scene.” Sara Gorak, Violinist

Concert Details:
What: Hip-Hop Orchestra
When: Thursday, December 17, 2020, at 7 p.m.

THRIVE’s vision is to be a proponent for growth for Cincinnati’s emerging hip-hop artists. THRIVE exists to aid artists in broadening their fanbases, gaining the support of the community, and helping to shape their paths toward successful futures. THRIVE funds and curates live events and video productions for Cincinnati artists solely with the purpose of highlighting and promoting the artists. With THRIVE’s support, Cincinnati’s hip-hop artists won’t simply survive, but it’s our immense hope that we can help them to THRIVE.