Bryce Dessner Shares New Classical Work w/ Australian String Quartet, ‘Impermanence/Disintegration’ Album out 4/2


Credit Shervin Lainez

Grammy-winning composer Bryce Dessner’s dynamic new work Impermanence/Disintegration is a partnership with the Australian String Quartet and Sydney Dance Company (the dance work is titled Impermanence). The album and accompanying dance piece are heavily influenced by the searing impact of the wildfires that devastated Australia in late 2019.

“I was thinking about how fragile everything is, about how things that you think are structurally sound or permanent actually aren’t,” adds Dessner.

Hear “Requiem-Ashes,” the newest composition released from the album Impermanence/Disintegration (April 2 on the 37d03d label), recorded during lockdown by the Australian String Quartet. Dessner’s first album of string quartet music, Impermanence/Disintegration features a new version of Anohni’s timeless and resonant “Another World.” Anohni’s vocals and Dessner’s arrangement close both the dance work and album with great levity and hope.

Dessner has previously shared “Emergency” and the cello piece “The Forest,” with choreography by the Sydney Dance Company. One of the first live-audience classical and dance tours since lockdown, Impermanence premiered February in Sydney, with upcoming performances at the Adelaide Festival March 10 & 11 and an extensive Australian national tour through August 14. All audiences will be distanced with safety protocols, and the dancers have rehearsed in isolation. Impermanence was originally planned to premiere in Sydney in March 2020. More dates and information can be found here.

Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company, says “It has been a real treat to conceive of this work together with Bryce Dessner and the Australian String Quartet—to explore the emotional drivers through both dance and music and to arrive at a place where the parts knit together so closely to make the whole. And ironically, to be able to shape Impermanence in response to such unexpected, but life-changing global events. For me, this encapsulates the incredible power of contemporary dance and music and how the response of the artist can truly resonate.”