EG Vines Announces Sophomore Album “Through the Mirror” – Out 8/27, Coming To The Southgate House Revival On 7/10

EG Vines, NXK, T.A. Clayton and the Soulminers
Southgate House Revival, 111 E 6th St, Newport, KY
7:30pm doors, 8pm show, Buy Tickets

Nashville’s up-and-coming EG Vines has been on quite the ride over the last few years. After quitting his corporate rat race job to pursue music full time and releasing his much talked about debut, Family Business, in 2019—Billboard, NPR, and Rolling Stone all had nice things to say—Vines finally had a moment to reach for those creative corners of his mind previously undiscovered. Looking back at his time splitting life between a desk job and music, Vines says it resulted in him being constantly on edge, carrying frustrations on his back all the time. While he still loves and stands by the music he wrote during that period, quitting his job has allowed Vines to pour more of himself into his music, and his brand new full-length album Through the Mirror is a testament to the positive effect this has had. Set to be released on August 27th, Through the Mirror is part indie rock nirvana—the state of being more so than the band—and part reaction to an uber-politicized world. “It’s that social dilemma,” says Vines. “People get in their hall of mirrors and maybe they’re not looking at reality.”

Yesterday, Vines’s hometown radio station, Nashville’s legendary, independent Lightning 100, shared the first taste of music from Through the Mirror, “The Royal Diplomat” and today, V13 spotlighted the album and new single. “’The Royal Diplomat’ was one of those that I kind of blacked out whilst writing it,” recalls Vines. “I remember coming up with that guitar riff in the turnaround and belting out ‘Never spoken’, but that’s about it.” Musically, Vines and the band may have been channeling the Smashing Pumpkins or The Bends era Radiohead. Fans can listen to “The Royal Diplomat” right now at this link.

Through the Mirror contains shining example after shining example of how Vines is able to take everyday experiences and personal viewpoints or opinions, throw in droves of loud-ass guitars and some poetic license, and craft songs fit for arenas and amphitheaters worldwide. “Good Enough” pairs sparkly rhythm guitar with quick-witted verses and a soaring half-time chorus to tackle some of the darker parts of America’s history and how it’s passed down. “King of The Rat Race” is a mid-tempo groover dedicated to the more sinister of the folks Vines left behind at his corporate gig. At some point in Through the Mirror, fans will realize they’re listening to a full-blown rock and roll record—that point is most likely on “Ride.” More trippy numbers like “Waiting On The Aliens” level out the energy arc throughout the entirety of Vines’ sophomore album before the 6/8-feel of the album-closing nuevo ballad “Every Star” brings it all home.

Much of Through the Mirror—which was recorded locally at Nashville’s Skinny Elephant Recording with co-producer Dylan Alldredge—sees Vines drawing inspiration from punk and alt-rock favorites from his youth; both musically and socially. Vines delivers his own views against biting riffs and pulsing drums while encouraging listeners to critically engage with the world around them to inform their own ways of thinking, drawing on his love of Jason Isbell and Bob Dylan as inspirations for his storytelling. Calling the album a Rorschach test for the modern world, Vines delivers his messages through a wide array of subjects on his songs, from American history to what theoretical alien visitors might think when they arrive on Earth.

As he looks around at the music scene, Vines knows he can provide perspectives and ideas listeners crave. “There’s more to say here, and I just decided I wanted to really dig in,” he explains. With Through the Mirror, EG Vines is delivering on his promise and proving himself to be an essential voice in music.

Through The Mirror Tracklist:
1. Am I Dreaming
2. Good Enough
3. The Royal Diplomat
4. King Of The Rat Race
5. Them
6. Meat On My Eyes
7. Ride
8. Waiting On The Aliens
9. Peace In This World
10. Every Star

Catch EG Vines On Tour:
June 4 – Chattanooga, TN – Wanderlinger Brewing Company
June 12 – Knoxville, TN – Preservation Pub
June 13 – Atlanta, GA – Sundown Series
June 19 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
July 10 – Newport, KY – Southgate House
July 31 – Berwyn, IL – Fitzgerald’s
Aug 14 – Nashville, TN – Tomato Art Fest