Shawn Maxwell Quartet Performing at Schwartz’s Point on Sept 25

Shawn Maxwell Quartet

Schwartz’s Point, 1901 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH

8:30pm show

The Shawn Maxwell Quartet is not your average jazz quartet. While the instrumentation, alto sax/piano/bass/drums, is fairly common, the writing, approach & style are anything but. The band focuses on all original material penned by Shawn, is his own unique voice. The results are a high energy mixture of bebop, rock, hip hop, classical and fusion.

As a composer, recording artist and performer, saxophonist Shawn Maxwell has endeavored to express his own unique voice. From his latest album Millstream (Jazzline, 2020) to his debut Originals (self-released, 2005), he has released nine albums of original compositions. The traditions of jazz form the foundation for Shawn’s music; he builds on that with material from the music he grew up with – rock, funk, hip hop, R&B, classical. The result, as Hrayr Attarian wrote in Chicago Jazz Magazine, “is refreshingly distinct yet recognizably Maxwellian”. He’s not intent on following any rules – or on breaking them – but on continually expanding what his music encompasses.