Noah Smith Releases New Single “Worry Me On Whiskey”

Brown County, Ohio native, Noah Smith, has released his first single, “Worry Me On Whiskey,” off the upcoming album Ain’t So Bad Round Here due on November 19. The self-penned song, “Worry Me On Whiskey,” was produced by Noah Smith at Thought Machine Studio in Mount Orab, OH with mixing and mastering by Chris Harding. Studio musicians on the project included Michael Moeller playing banjo, mandolin and BGV’s, Aaron Roy on Drums, Dylan Jaynes on electric guitar and Alan Blankenship on bass guitar.

Noah Smith finds himself walking the line between Country and Rock-n-Roll with a vivid, ambitious pace with a God-given talent and natural musical inclination. Noah’s old soul, deep thinking, and love for lyrics led him to an aggressive path of writing songs, everyday simple prose and melody immediately found their way into storytelling at its best, songwriting.

Download and stream “Worry Me On Whiskey” on digital music platforms Spotify, Apply Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora and more at worrymeonwhiskey.

“Worry Me On Whiskey” is song about those nights you’re out with your lady having the time of your life and just like clock-work after you stay for just one more things go just a little too far,” shares Noah Smith.

Noah adds, “I hope people hear this song and can relate and laugh a little with their husband, wife, or partner. I also hope it makes them want to plan another night out on the town. Anyone that’s been in a relationship knows drinking nights can go really good or about six inches past that point go really bad. It’s meant to be a fun tune about the truth behind drinking just a little too much whiskey. My wife and I love to dance together. I wrote this song after we had ourselves “Worry Me On Whiskey” kind of night out on the town. We both love to get out on the dance floor and stay for just one more. Even if some nights get a little wild, or you wake up a little hungover, for some reason we love to get back out there on the dance floor again. “Worry Me On Whiskey” is just a simple song telling the truth about walking the thin line between date night and party time. It’s also about riding that wave with the person you love. Through sickness and health, hungover or not!

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