Prolific Ohio Based Rocker Jake Borgemenke Returns With New Album “Close to Obscurity” on Lo Fi City Recordings


Ohio based musician Jake Borgemenke has kept up a steady schedule of releases over the past few years, most recently with a fresh backing band.

For his third full length LP, Jake wanted to approach the recording process differently.

“One thing that inspired me to make this record was wanting to record music alone again,” Jake notes. “I took some old unrecorded songs and wrote some new ones to record in my home studio which turned into Close to Obscurity.”

The majority of the album was recorded at night after Jake got off from work as a dishwasher. As a result, the compositions on Close to Obscurity bring to mind the calm, reflective nature that one often feels when alone in the wee hours of the night.

As a highly efficient multi-instrumentalist, Close to Obscurity still often has the feel of an album created by a band and the material should transfer well when Jake returns to a live setting to present the new material with his band as he traditionally does.

The cover art of the album features Jake’s cat, Lucky, who is a big inspiration for his music.